Hypatia-TrackRadar is a open-source software designed by Sara Capotosti. This Java application allows to manually track birds. This application works like a virtual transparent sheet overlapped on the radar screen, allowing to track echoes by clicking on them and assigning information gathered via visual observation to each track, such as bird species, age, sex, and flock size. Therefore, each track consists of a variable number of fixes, each one with X-Y coordinates in respect to the radar centre. The application computes the following flight parameters: Euclidean distance (distance between first and last points of the track), track length, ground speed, cross-country speed (Euclidean distance/track’s time length), straightness (Euclidean distance/track length) for radar’s horizontal setting. With radar’s vertical setting the application computes birds’ altitude above ground and above sea level. A left or right click of the mouse allows to assign gliding or soaring flight to the echoes.

Here below you can download the poster presenting the software:

Here below tracks of Red-footed Falcons taken with Hypatia-TrackRadar at the Strait of Messina during spring 2017 (elliptical points represent soaring point).